The debian package MLton-Cross adds various targets to MLton. In combination with the emdebian project, this allows a debian system to compile SML files to other architectures.

Currently, these targets are supported:

  • Windows (MinGW)

    • -target i586-mingw32msvc (mlton-target-i586-mingw32msvc)

    • -target amd64-mingw32msvc( mlton-target-amd64-mingw32msvc)

  • Linux (Debian)

    • -target alpha-linux-gnu (mlton-target-alpha-linux-gnu)

    • -target arm-linux-gnueabi (mlton-target-arm-linux-gnueabi)

    • -target hppa-linux-gnu (mlton-target-hppa-linux-gnu)

    • -target i486-linux-gnu (mlton-target-i486-linux-gnu)

    • -target ia64-linux-gnu (mlton-target-ia64-linux-gnu)

    • -target mips-linux-gnu (mlton-target-mips-linux-gnu)

    • -target mipsel-linux-gnu (mlton-target-mipsel-linux-gnu)

    • -target powerpc-linux-gnu (mlton-target-powerpc-linux-gnu)

    • -target s390-linux-gnu (mlton-target-s390-linux-gnu)

    • -target sparc-linux-gnu (mlton-target-sparc-linux-gnu)

    • -target x86-64-linux-gnu (mlton-target-x86-64-linux-gnu)


MLton-Cross is kept in-sync with the current MLton release.