signature MLTON_REAL =
      type t

      val fromWord: word -> t
      val fromLargeWord: LargeWord.word -> t
      val toWord: IEEEReal.rounding_mode -> t -> word
      val toLargeWord: IEEEReal.rounding_mode -> t -> LargeWord.word
  • type t

    the type of reals. For MLton.LargeReal this is LargeReal.real, for MLton.Real this is Real.real, for MLton.Real32 this is Real32.real, for MLton.Real64 this is Real64.real.

  • fromWord w

  • fromLargeWord w

    convert the word w to a real value. If the value of w is larger than (the appropriate) REAL.maxFinite, then infinity is returned. If w cannot be exactly represented as a real value, then the current rounding mode is used to determine the resulting value.

  • toWord mode r

  • toLargeWord mode r

    convert the argument r to a word type using the specified rounding mode. They raise Overflow if the result is not representable, in particular, if r is an infinity. They raise Domain if r is NaN.

  • MLton.Real32.castFromWord w

  • MLton.Real64.castFromWord w

    convert the argument w to a real type as a bit-wise cast.

  • MLton.Real32.castToWord r

  • MLton.Real64.castToWord r

    convert the argument r to a word type as a bit-wise cast.