Using SML in some Semantic Web stuff. Anyone interested in similar, please contact me. GreyLensman on #sml on IRC or rracine at this domain adelphia with a dot here net.

Current areas of coding.

  1. Pretty solid, high performance Rete implementation - base functionality is complete.

  2. N3 parser - mostly complete

  3. RDF parser based on fxg - not started.

  4. Swerve HTTP server - 1/2 done.

  5. SPARQL implementation - not started.

  6. Persistent engine based on BerkelyDB - not started.

  7. Native implementation of Postgresql protocol - underway, ways to go.

  8. I also have a small change to the MLton compiler to add PackWord<N> - changes compile but needs some more work, clean-up and unit tests.