Redundant is an optimization pass for the SSA IntermediateLanguage, invoked from SSASimplify.


The redundant SSA optimization eliminates redundant function and label arguments; an argument of a function or label is redundant if it is always the same as another argument of the same function or label. The analysis finds an equivalence relation on the arguments of a function or label, such that all arguments in an equivalence class are redundant with respect to the other arguments in the equivalence class; the transformation selects one representative of each equivalence class and drops the binding occurrence of non-representative variables and renames use occurrences of the non-representative variables to the representative variable. The analysis finds the equivalence classes via a fixed-point analysis. Each vector of arguments to a function or label is initialized to equivalence classes that equate all arguments of the same type; one could start with an equivalence class that equates all arguments, but arguments of different type cannot be redundant. Variables bound in statements are initialized to singleton equivalence classes. The fixed-point analysis repeatedly refines these equivalence classes on the formals by the equivalence classes of the actuals.


Details and Notes

The reason Redundant got put in was due to some output of the ClosureConvert pass converter where the environment record, or components of it, were passed around in several places. That may have been more relevant with polyvariant analyses (which are long gone). But it still seems possibly relevant, especially with more aggressive flattening, which should reveal some fields in nested closure records that are redundant.