This is an archived public release of MLton, version 20041109.

Changes since the last public release

  • New platforms:

    • x86: FreeBSD 5.x, OpenBSD

    • PowerPC: Darwin (MacOSX)

  • Support for the ML Basis system, a new mechanism supporting programming in the very large, separate delivery of library sources, and more.

  • Support for dynamic libraries.

  • Support for ConcurrentML (CML).

  • New structures: Int2, Int3, …, Int31 and Word2, Word3, …, Word31.

  • Front-end bug fixes and improvements.

  • A new form of profiling with -profile count, which can be used to test code coverage.

  • A bytecode generator, available via -codegen bytecode.

  • Representation improvements:

    • Tuples and datatypes are packed to decrease space usage.

    • Ref cells may be unboxed into their containing object.

    • Arrays of tuples may represent the tuples unboxed.

For a complete list of changes and bug fixes since 20040227, see the changelog.

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