ToMachine is a translation pass from the RSSA IntermediateLanguage to the Machine IntermediateLanguage.


This pass converts from a RSSA program into a Machine program.


Details and Notes

Because the MLton runtime system is shared by all codegens, it is most convenient to decide on stack layout before any codegen takes over. In particular, we compute all the stack frame info for each RSSA function, including stack size, garbage collector masks for each frame, etc. To do so, the Machine IntermediateLanguage imagines an abstract machine with an infinite number of (pseudo-)registers of every size. A liveness analysis determines, for each variable, whether or not it is live across a point where the runtime system might take over (for example, any garbage collection point) or a non-tail call to another RSSA function. Those that are live go on the stack, while those that aren’t live go into psuedo-registers. From this information, we know all we need to about each stack frame. On the downside, nothing further on is allowed to change this stack info; it is set in stone.