[MLton-commit] r5086

Vesa Karvonen vesak at mlton.org
Tue Jan 30 06:04:00 PST 2007

Added option to jump to other window.


U   mlton/trunk/ide/emacs/def-use-mode.el


Modified: mlton/trunk/ide/emacs/def-use-mode.el
--- mlton/trunk/ide/emacs/def-use-mode.el	2007-01-30 13:21:20 UTC (rev 5085)
+++ mlton/trunk/ide/emacs/def-use-mode.el	2007-01-30 14:04:00 UTC (rev 5086)
@@ -107,17 +107,17 @@
 ;; Navigation
-(defun def-use-jump-to-def ()
+(defun def-use-jump-to-def (&optional other-window)
   "Jumps to the definition of the symbol under the cursor."
-  (interactive)
+  (interactive "P")
   (let ((sym (def-use-current-sym)))
     (if sym
-        (def-use-goto-ref (def-use-sym-ref sym))
+        (def-use-goto-ref (def-use-sym-ref sym) other-window)
       (message "Sorry, no known symbol at cursor."))))
-(defun def-use-jump-to-next (&optional reverse)
+(defun def-use-jump-to-next (&optional other-window reverse)
   "Jumps to the next use (or def) of the symbol under the cursor."
-  (interactive)
+  (interactive "P")
   (let* ((ref (def-use-current-ref))
          (sym (def-use-sym-at-ref ref)))
     (if (not sym)
@@ -126,18 +126,20 @@
              (uses (if reverse (reverse uses) uses))
              (uses (append uses uses)))
         (while (not (equal (pop uses) ref)))
-        (def-use-goto-ref (car uses))))))
+        (def-use-goto-ref (car uses) other-window)))))
-(defun def-use-jump-to-prev ()
+(defun def-use-jump-to-prev (&optional other-window)
   "Jumps to the prev use (or def) of the symbol under the cursor."
-  (interactive)
-  (def-use-jump-to-next t))
+  (interactive "P")
+  (def-use-jump-to-next other-window t))
-(defun def-use-goto-ref (ref)
+(defun def-use-goto-ref (ref &optional other-window)
   "Find the referenced source and moves point to the referenced position."
-  (unless (equal (def-use-buffer-true-file-name)
-                 (def-use-ref-src ref))
-    (find-file (def-use-ref-src ref)))
+  (cond
+   (other-window
+    (find-file-other-window (def-use-ref-src ref)))
+   ((not (equal (def-use-buffer-true-file-name) (def-use-ref-src ref)))
+    (find-file (def-use-ref-src ref))))
   (def-use-goto-pos (def-use-ref-pos ref)))
 (defun def-use-goto-pos (pos)

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