[MLton-user] Slow GCC

Neal Glew neal at glew.name
Thu Jan 18 09:32:59 PST 2007

Tom 7 writes:
 > I've had this same problem on cygwin for a long time. I always use the 
 > @MLton max-heap 200m -- argument to mlton in order to bound the amount of 
 > memory that mlton uses, otherwise it completely hoses my 512mb machine 
 > even compiling the empty program. We also had a similar problem with our 
 > mlton-compiled cygwin version of Concert. Maybe on cygwin it's better to 
 > use the Windows-specific spawn function to invoke gcc like I assume the 
 > mingw port does? That one runs fine without any special options.

Running mlton twice is the solution I've gone with - once to produce
the C and s files and once to compile them and link them.  It works much
better for me than running once.


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