[MLton-user] PackWord16 and PackWord64

Matthew Fluet fluet at tti-c.org
Tue Jan 23 10:58:11 PST 2007

Eric McCorkle wrote:
> I'm doing some work on low-level encoding of data.  PackWord32 exists in 
> the main basis structure, as I saw.  I also noticed that PackWord16 and 
> 64 seem to exist in the basis-extra tree, but are not present in the 
> main structure.
> Is there any reason they can or should not be present (or am I just 
> missing a way to get at them), and if so, how feasible would it be to 
> add them?

Its just an oversight on my part that I didn't replicate inclusion of
PackWord{16,64}{Big,Little} in the Basis2002 signature.  I've checked in
the necessary modifications.

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