[MLton-user] Lack of information with -const 'Exn.keepHistory true'

Nicolas Bertolotti nicolas.bertolotti at polyspace.com
Tue Jan 23 14:56:40 PST 2007



I'm trying to use -const 'Exn.keepHistory true' with MLton 20051202 in order
to debug my application.


The application seems to raise an exception during the execution of one of
the basis library functions and here is the message I get when I handle the
exception and print the history in the "main" :


exception SysErr(OS.SysErr(name="Invalid argument", syserror=inval)) raised.

raised at: General.o <basis>/general/general.sml 29.14

         PosixError.raiseSys <basis>/posix/error.sml 51.11



In this case, using the option does not really help. I am surprised it does
not print the full call stack as explained on the website.


Any idea how I could make it more efficient ?


Thanks in advance

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