[MLton-user] OCaml Summer Project

Stephen Weeks sweeks at sweeks.com
Tue Jan 30 14:23:37 PST 2007

Jane Street Capital is running a program to fund students to work over
the summer on open-source projects in OCaml.  For more information,


To apply, a student (undergraduate or graduate) must submit a project
proposal to Jane Street by March 15.  Accepted projects will be funded
for $6K, payed in installments over the summer.  At the end of the
summer, Jane Street will fly all of the students who have completed
their projects successfully to a meeting in New York, where people
will present their projects and get a chance to schmooze with other
members of the OCaml community.

More details at the web site.  Please forward this on to potentially
interested parties.  Direct any questions or suggestions to:

  osp at janestcapital.com

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