[MLton-user] libgmp issues in cygwin

Dave Herman dherman at ccs.neu.edu
Wed Nov 21 21:33:20 PST 2007

In the past, Vesa gave me a hand with my libgmp issues in MinGW:


Now I'm having the same problem in Cygwin. Strangely, on one of my 
machines I seem to have successfully installed the exact same version of 
MLton (20070826). But for some reason, on my laptop no installation of 
libgmp I can come up with succeeds. I've tried two different standard 
Cygwin versions (4.1 and 4.2), custom-built static- and dynamic-linked 
versions from the libgmp home page built on my machine, and pre-built 
versions from


No matter what I try, I always get the same linker error (the same one I 
reported for MinGW at the link above).

Has anyone run into this in Cygwin? Is there a standard solution for this?

Thanks as always,


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