most excellent

Henry Cejtin
Wed, 5 Jul 2000 00:25:53 -0500

Yikes.   I don't know what you did between the version you sent me a few days
ago and the 2000-07-03 version, but I LIKE IT.  With the old version, running
my game2 program with an argument of 6 took

    13.64 CPU seconds using's
    25.05 CPU seconds using's

Pretty  sad  given  that  there  are already hacks to make the case where the
numbers never get bigger than a fixnum  (31  bits)  speedy.   The  2000-07-03
version, on the other hand takes

    13.08 CPU seconds using's
    13.65 CPU seconds using's

I.e., it costs me under 5%.  Most excellent.

Did you have some kind of debugging turned on?