new SSA IL

Henry Cejtin
Tue, 7 Aug 2001 23:11:09 -0500

If  goto's  pass  arguments,  is  their semantics assignment to the argument?
I.e., I am in a `function', x is in scope (it is the piece of the list  I  am
working  on),  I  call  myself  with  the tail of x as an arguemnt.  Thus you
really do have mutation of variables, right?

I'm surprised that you say that the dominator condition could be done in  the
current  world by rewriting the syntax tree.  This wouldn't be possible if it
was a matter of blocks not nesting I would think.

It is amusing that the whole thing some what reminds me of the  ICFP  contest
and the realization that block structuring is bad from the point of view of a
low-level implementation.

As to mutually recursive continuation (I assume always only via tail calls) I
remember  commenting  on  the  paper  about that and you saying that that was
probably the way to go in general.

Re the hackers guide, I would love to  start  hacking,  but  would  need  the
hackers guide to begin.  (Enough moaning from me.)