MLRisc bug

John H. Reppy
Thu, 09 Aug 2001 20:08:51 -0400

Are you using an old version of MLRISC?  I remember there being
some changes related to the multiplication instructions about 6-9 months
ago, but the recent versions of MLRisc have been working fine for
me in the Moby compiler.

	- John

In message <>, Stephen Weeks writes:
> Hi guys.  I am trying to upgrade from SML/NJ 110.9.1 to a newer version.
> In compiling the MLton sources with 110.34, I get the following bug.
> [compiling (]
> 	imull	%ebp, 80(%esp)
> Error: MLRisc bug: X86MCEmitter.imull
> I'm not sure if you want the entire source file (i.e. mlton) that caused the
> error, since it is rather large.  I was hoping that just the message might help
> you to find the bug.
> Any suggestions of a more stable SML/NJ version that is later than 110.9.1 that
> I could try?  Thanks.