Stephen Weeks MLton@sourcelight.com
Fri, 10 Aug 2001 00:22:12 -0700

> I don't know where you saw anything about a --macros option since it isn't in
> my man pages or in the usage message.  I still don't get the problem:  is  it
> just  that  you can't set the place in ~/.rpmmacros because you don't want to
> use it for all of your RPM stuff?  If that is the case, the easiest thing  to
> do  (a  hack,  but easy) is to just change your HOME directory before you run
> rpm.  I.e., create a  directory  which  has  a  .rpmmacros  file  which  sets
> %_topdir to something, and then do, in bash,
>     HOME=dir-with-.rpmmacros-file rpm ...
> and it will look for stuff there instead of your home directory.
> Is this not sufficient (but gross, I admit)?

Yes this should work.  I am trying it out now.

> Note,  I  always have my .rpmmacros file setting %_topdir to the place that I
> build all my RPMs.  This place is not specific to the RPM I am building.   It
> is just my RPM building world.

Yeah, maybe it would make sense to tell people to set that before running our
make-rpms script (and thus cause me to undo all the changes I just made to try
out your hack :-().

One other thing that is in the make-rpms script that I don't know how to
eliminate is the use of ss in "ss chown -R root.root mlton-$version".  I think I
need to do this to get the permissions right in the SRPM.