Debian packages of MLton

Barak Pearlmutter
Mon, 20 Aug 2001 19:26:00 -0600 (MDT)


I've got it mostly done.  When it's complete I'll send you a patch

Basically I had to diddle with the Makefiles a bit (eg just use -lgmp
instead of compiling it internally, use GNU-standard target directory
variables, sprinkle in some "mkdir --parent"s and trailing slashes on
the target directories for mv and cp, etc), and install a couple
descriptor scripts in a new "debian" subdirectory.

All that remains is getting the documentation to format without error,
get it properly registered with the Debian documentation menu system,
setting appropriate build-time dependencies, minor stuff like that.


PS It builds without error against GMP 3.x, but I have not tested the
result.  Is GMP 3.x okay, or should I require GMP 2.x (>= 2.0.2)