feature request for MLton.

Stephen Weeks MLton@sourcelight.com
Wed, 22 Aug 2001 15:08:17 -0700

> I'm about to get a postdoc on board to work on debugging,
> and my hope is that maybe a year from now (maybe less) we'd be in a
> position to take on something like MLton---but only if we had
> significant support from your end.

We are always happy to provide support in the form of answering questions,
explaining how things work, fixing bugs, etc.  I don't think that will change in
the next year or so.  We can even provide support for compiler modifications to
spit out additional info for the debugger.  Hopefully that is enough.  It is
beyond our resources for now to work on the debugger itself.  

If you are people-constrained rather than dollar-constrained, another
possibility would be to hire one of us for additional support.  We've never done
anything like that before, but have not yet had an external project express
interest in doing so.  Personally, I might be interested.