Debian version of MLton

Henry Cejtin
Thu, 23 Aug 2001 21:35:11 -0500

Well, I'll have to try CVS and see if I change my mind, but I just don't see
how it can be a saving since you can always keep different versions around
on your own machine any way.
As to having to use SML/NJ or MLton to bootstrap up, is that really true?
Would, for instance, Moscow ML really be too horribly slow even for just the
bootstrap?  (I know that the other compilers aren't very standards compliant,
but then neither is SML/NJ.  It is just that that is the other compiler we
use, so we tend to work around it's problems.)
That reminds me, I meant to ask you about Hamlet.  I saw that you had used it
for something (maybe a benchmark).  Did you try to give it MLton to compile
or would that really take infinite time?