MLton with your fixes

Stephen Weeks
Fri, 24 Aug 2001 15:19:50 -0700

> I don't know.  Can try if you like.  A couple of notes:
>   - I don't know if I am using the source rpm correctly.
>     I have never succeeded in getting *any* source rpm to build.
>     I am running 'rpm --recompile mlton-20010823-1.src.rpm' which
>     appears to do something useful but then fail as shown below.
>   - My machine seems to have mlton 20000906, but I can't find any
>     indication of how it got there.

The failure is because it is only possible to recompile the latest release with
a new enough version of MLton.  20000906 is too old, although I am a bit
confused by the error message "invalid file suffix on @MLton" since 2000906 did
support .cm files -- but it doesn't matter.

You probably need at least 20010806 to recompile 20010823.

So, I think the problem with SRPMs is understood.  But it would be nice to know
why you can't install the binary RPMs.  What version of Red Hat are you running?
If you need, we (i.e. Henry) can make 20010823 for Red Hat 6.  The stuff I made
was for Red Hat 7.