ICFP presentation

Stephen Weeks MLton@sourcelight.com
Tue, 28 Aug 2001 15:53:20 -0700

> These have been updated with everyone's suggestions.  Thanks.

Looks great.  A few more minor suggestions.

Contification II
an analysis is a map --> an analysis maps

How about replacing the first bullet with something positive, like
  "safety ensures a sensible and meaning-preserving transformantion
  "safety ensures an analysis leads to a correct transformation"
  "safety ensures a well-defined and correct transformation"
  "safety ensures a correct transformation"

Compile-time Statistics
How about "Compile-time Performance"
For this bar graph and the next, it would be nice to have some text describing
the vertical axis, like "number of functions (normalized)" and "run time
(normalized)".  In particular, it needs to be clear that the bar graph on this
page is not a measure of compile time!