[MLton-devel] mlton on freebsd update

Stephen Weeks MLton@mlton.org
Wed, 4 Sep 2002 23:08:41 -0700

> Ok, was able to link those files without too much trouble. The resulting
> 'mlton-compile' behaved strangely, though - it would start up -
> supposedly processing the basis library, and then it would 'hang',
> waiting for some kind of input on stdin:
> I figured that the copied-asm-hack wasn't working because of some
> incompatible constant between linux<=>freebsd,

That is indeed a potential problem.

> so I went back to bootstrapping with sml/nj.

This won't solve the problem, because the constant values are
determined by build/lib/self/constants, which has the linux values in
it.  What we need to do is to create a new constants file for FreeBSD.
I have appended the necessary C program below.  Compile and run it,
and place the output in build/lib/self/constants.  Then, try
bootstrapping with SML/NJ again.

Or, if you want, you can email the constants, and I will generate
the assembly again.

Let's hope that the constants are different from what they were on
Linux, else we're still confused.


#include <stddef.h>
#include <stdio.h>
#include <mlton.h>
struct GC_state gcState;
int main (int argc, char **argv) {
fprintf (stdout, "LOG_DEBUG = %d\n", LOG_DEBUG);
fprintf (stdout, "LOG_INFO = %d\n", LOG_INFO);
fprintf (stdout, "LOG_NOTICE = %d\n", LOG_NOTICE);
fprintf (stdout, "LOG_WARNING = %d\n", LOG_WARNING);
fprintf (stdout, "LOG_ERR = %d\n", LOG_ERR);
fprintf (stdout, "LOG_CRIT = %d\n", LOG_CRIT);
fprintf (stdout, "LOG_ALERT = %d\n", LOG_ALERT);
fprintf (stdout, "LOG_EMERG = %d\n", LOG_EMERG);
fprintf (stdout, "LOG_UUCP = %d\n", LOG_UUCP);
fprintf (stdout, "LOG_USER = %d\n", LOG_USER);
fprintf (stdout, "LOG_SYSLOG = %d\n", LOG_SYSLOG);
fprintf (stdout, "LOG_NEWS = %d\n", LOG_NEWS);
fprintf (stdout, "LOG_MAIL = %d\n", LOG_MAIL);
fprintf (stdout, "LOG_LPR = %d\n", LOG_LPR);
fprintf (stdout, "LOG_LOCAL7 = %d\n", LOG_LOCAL7);
fprintf (stdout, "LOG_LOCAL6 = %d\n", LOG_LOCAL6);
fprintf (stdout, "LOG_LOCAL5 = %d\n", LOG_LOCAL5);
fprintf (stdout, "LOG_LOCAL4 = %d\n", LOG_LOCAL4);
fprintf (stdout, "LOG_LOCAL3 = %d\n", LOG_LOCAL3);
fprintf (stdout, "LOG_LOCAL2 = %d\n", LOG_LOCAL2);
fprintf (stdout, "LOG_LOCAL1 = %d\n", LOG_LOCAL1);
fprintf (stdout, "LOG_LOCAL0 = %d\n", LOG_LOCAL0);
fprintf (stdout, "LOG_KERN = %d\n", LOG_KERN);
fprintf (stdout, "LOG_DAEMON = %d\n", LOG_DAEMON);
fprintf (stdout, "LOG_CRON = %d\n", LOG_CRON);
fprintf (stdout, "LOG_AUTHPRIV = %d\n", LOG_AUTHPRIV);
fprintf (stdout, "LOG_PID = %d\n", LOG_PID);
fprintf (stdout, "LOG_PERROR = %d\n", LOG_PERROR);
fprintf (stdout, "LOG_NDELAY = %d\n", LOG_NDELAY);
fprintf (stdout, "LOG_CONS = %d\n", LOG_CONS);
fprintf (stdout, "Posix_TTY_TC_oflush = %d\n", Posix_TTY_TC_oflush);
fprintf (stdout, "Posix_TTY_TC_ioflush = %d\n", Posix_TTY_TC_ioflush);
fprintf (stdout, "Posix_TTY_TC_iflush = %d\n", Posix_TTY_TC_iflush);
fprintf (stdout, "Posix_TTY_TC_oon = %d\n", Posix_TTY_TC_oon);
fprintf (stdout, "Posix_TTY_TC_ooff = %d\n", Posix_TTY_TC_ooff);
fprintf (stdout, "Posix_TTY_TC_ioff = %d\n", Posix_TTY_TC_ioff);
fprintf (stdout, "Posix_TTY_TC_ion = %d\n", Posix_TTY_TC_ion);
fprintf (stdout, "Posix_TTY_TC_sanow = %d\n", Posix_TTY_TC_sanow);
fprintf (stdout, "Posix_TTY_TC_saflush = %d\n", Posix_TTY_TC_saflush);
fprintf (stdout, "Posix_TTY_TC_sadrain = %d\n", Posix_TTY_TC_sadrain);
fprintf (stdout, "Posix_TTY_L_tostop = %x\n", Posix_TTY_L_tostop);
fprintf (stdout, "Posix_TTY_L_noflsh = %x\n", Posix_TTY_L_noflsh);
fprintf (stdout, "Posix_TTY_L_isig = %x\n", Posix_TTY_L_isig);
fprintf (stdout, "Posix_TTY_L_iexten = %x\n", Posix_TTY_L_iexten);
fprintf (stdout, "Posix_TTY_L_icanon = %x\n", Posix_TTY_L_icanon);
fprintf (stdout, "Posix_TTY_L_echonl = %x\n", Posix_TTY_L_echonl);
fprintf (stdout, "Posix_TTY_L_echok = %x\n", Posix_TTY_L_echok);
fprintf (stdout, "Posix_TTY_L_echoe = %x\n", Posix_TTY_L_echoe);
fprintf (stdout, "Posix_TTY_L_echo = %x\n", Posix_TTY_L_echo);
fprintf (stdout, "Posix_TTY_C_parodd = %x\n", Posix_TTY_C_parodd);
fprintf (stdout, "Posix_TTY_C_parenb = %x\n", Posix_TTY_C_parenb);
fprintf (stdout, "Posix_TTY_C_hupcl = %x\n", Posix_TTY_C_hupcl);
fprintf (stdout, "Posix_TTY_C_cstopb = %x\n", Posix_TTY_C_cstopb);
fprintf (stdout, "Posix_TTY_C_csize = %x\n", Posix_TTY_C_csize);
fprintf (stdout, "Posix_TTY_C_cs8 = %x\n", Posix_TTY_C_cs8);
fprintf (stdout, "Posix_TTY_C_cs7 = %x\n", Posix_TTY_C_cs7);
fprintf (stdout, "Posix_TTY_C_cs6 = %x\n", Posix_TTY_C_cs6);
fprintf (stdout, "Posix_TTY_C_cs5 = %x\n", Posix_TTY_C_cs5);
fprintf (stdout, "Posix_TTY_C_cread = %x\n", Posix_TTY_C_cread);
fprintf (stdout, "Posix_TTY_C_clocal = %x\n", Posix_TTY_C_clocal);
fprintf (stdout, "Posix_TTY_O_opost = %x\n", Posix_TTY_O_opost);
fprintf (stdout, "Posix_TTY_I_parmrk = %x\n", Posix_TTY_I_parmrk);
fprintf (stdout, "Posix_TTY_I_ixon = %x\n", Posix_TTY_I_ixon);
fprintf (stdout, "Posix_TTY_I_ixoff = %x\n", Posix_TTY_I_ixoff);
fprintf (stdout, "Posix_TTY_I_istrip = %x\n", Posix_TTY_I_istrip);
fprintf (stdout, "Posix_TTY_I_inpck = %x\n", Posix_TTY_I_inpck);
fprintf (stdout, "Posix_TTY_I_inlcr = %x\n", Posix_TTY_I_inlcr);
fprintf (stdout, "Posix_TTY_I_ignpar = %x\n", Posix_TTY_I_ignpar);
fprintf (stdout, "Posix_TTY_I_igncr = %x\n", Posix_TTY_I_igncr);
fprintf (stdout, "Posix_TTY_I_ignbrk = %x\n", Posix_TTY_I_ignbrk);
fprintf (stdout, "Posix_TTY_I_icrnl = %x\n", Posix_TTY_I_icrnl);
fprintf (stdout, "Posix_TTY_I_brkint = %x\n", Posix_TTY_I_brkint);
fprintf (stdout, "Posix_TTY_V_time = %d\n", Posix_TTY_V_time);
fprintf (stdout, "Posix_TTY_V_susp = %d\n", Posix_TTY_V_susp);
fprintf (stdout, "Posix_TTY_V_stop = %d\n", Posix_TTY_V_stop);
fprintf (stdout, "Posix_TTY_V_start = %d\n", Posix_TTY_V_start);
fprintf (stdout, "Posix_TTY_V_quit = %d\n", Posix_TTY_V_quit);
fprintf (stdout, "Posix_TTY_V_nccs = %d\n", Posix_TTY_V_nccs);
fprintf (stdout, "Posix_TTY_V_min = %d\n", Posix_TTY_V_min);
fprintf (stdout, "Posix_TTY_V_kill = %d\n", Posix_TTY_V_kill);
fprintf (stdout, "Posix_TTY_V_intr = %d\n", Posix_TTY_V_intr);
fprintf (stdout, "Posix_TTY_V_erase = %d\n", Posix_TTY_V_erase);
fprintf (stdout, "Posix_TTY_V_eol = %d\n", Posix_TTY_V_eol);
fprintf (stdout, "Posix_TTY_V_eof = %d\n", Posix_TTY_V_eof);
fprintf (stdout, "Posix_TTY_b9600 = %x\n", Posix_TTY_b9600);
fprintf (stdout, "Posix_TTY_b75 = %x\n", Posix_TTY_b75);
fprintf (stdout, "Posix_TTY_b600 = %x\n", Posix_TTY_b600);
fprintf (stdout, "Posix_TTY_b50 = %x\n", Posix_TTY_b50);
fprintf (stdout, "Posix_TTY_b4800 = %x\n", Posix_TTY_b4800);
fprintf (stdout, "Posix_TTY_b38400 = %x\n", Posix_TTY_b38400);
fprintf (stdout, "Posix_TTY_b300 = %x\n", Posix_TTY_b300);
fprintf (stdout, "Posix_TTY_b2400 = %x\n", Posix_TTY_b2400);
fprintf (stdout, "Posix_TTY_b200 = %x\n", Posix_TTY_b200);
fprintf (stdout, "Posix_TTY_b19200 = %x\n", Posix_TTY_b19200);
fprintf (stdout, "Posix_TTY_b1800 = %x\n", Posix_TTY_b1800);
fprintf (stdout, "Posix_TTY_b150 = %x\n", Posix_TTY_b150);
fprintf (stdout, "Posix_TTY_b134 = %x\n", Posix_TTY_b134);
fprintf (stdout, "Posix_TTY_b1200 = %x\n", Posix_TTY_b1200);
fprintf (stdout, "Posix_TTY_b110 = %x\n", Posix_TTY_b110);
fprintf (stdout, "Posix_TTY_b0 = %x\n", Posix_TTY_b0);
fprintf (stdout, "Posix_Signal_unblock = %d\n", Posix_Signal_unblock);
fprintf (stdout, "Posix_Signal_setmask = %d\n", Posix_Signal_setmask);
fprintf (stdout, "Posix_Signal_numSignals = %d\n", Posix_Signal_numSignals);
fprintf (stdout, "Posix_Signal_block = %d\n", Posix_Signal_block);
fprintf (stdout, "Posix_Signal_vtalrm = %d\n", Posix_Signal_vtalrm);
fprintf (stdout, "Posix_Signal_usr2 = %d\n", Posix_Signal_usr2);
fprintf (stdout, "Posix_Signal_usr1 = %d\n", Posix_Signal_usr1);
fprintf (stdout, "Posix_Signal_ttou = %d\n", Posix_Signal_ttou);
fprintf (stdout, "Posix_Signal_ttin = %d\n", Posix_Signal_ttin);
fprintf (stdout, "Posix_Signal_tstp = %d\n", Posix_Signal_tstp);
fprintf (stdout, "Posix_Signal_term = %d\n", Posix_Signal_term);
fprintf (stdout, "Posix_Signal_stop = %d\n", Posix_Signal_stop);
fprintf (stdout, "Posix_Signal_segv = %d\n", Posix_Signal_segv);
fprintf (stdout, "Posix_Signal_quit = %d\n", Posix_Signal_quit);
fprintf (stdout, "Posix_Signal_prof = %d\n", Posix_Signal_prof);
fprintf (stdout, "Posix_Signal_pipe = %d\n", Posix_Signal_pipe);
fprintf (stdout, "Posix_Signal_kill = %d\n", Posix_Signal_kill);
fprintf (stdout, "Posix_Signal_int = %d\n", Posix_Signal_int);
fprintf (stdout, "Posix_Signal_ill = %d\n", Posix_Signal_ill);
fprintf (stdout, "Posix_Signal_hup = %d\n", Posix_Signal_hup);
fprintf (stdout, "Posix_Signal_fpe = %d\n", Posix_Signal_fpe);
fprintf (stdout, "Posix_Signal_cont = %d\n", Posix_Signal_cont);
fprintf (stdout, "Posix_Signal_chld = %d\n", Posix_Signal_chld);
fprintf (stdout, "Posix_Signal_bus = %d\n", Posix_Signal_bus);
fprintf (stdout, "Posix_Signal_alrm = %d\n", Posix_Signal_alrm);
fprintf (stdout, "Posix_Signal_abrt = %d\n", Posix_Signal_abrt);
fprintf (stdout, "Posix_Process_W_untraced = %x\n", Posix_Process_W_untraced);
fprintf (stdout, "Posix_Process_wnohang = %x\n", Posix_Process_wnohang);
fprintf (stdout, "Posix_ProcEnv_2_SW_DEV = %d\n", Posix_ProcEnv_2_SW_DEV);
fprintf (stdout, "Posix_ProcEnv_2_FORT_RUN = %d\n", Posix_ProcEnv_2_FORT_RUN);
fprintf (stdout, "Posix_ProcEnv_2_FORT_DEV = %d\n", Posix_ProcEnv_2_FORT_DEV);
fprintf (stdout, "Posix_ProcEnv_2_VERSION = %d\n", Posix_ProcEnv_2_VERSION);
fprintf (stdout, "Posix_ProcEnv_RE_DUP_MAX = %d\n", Posix_ProcEnv_RE_DUP_MAX);
fprintf (stdout, "Posix_ProcEnv_LINE_MAX = %d\n", Posix_ProcEnv_LINE_MAX);
fprintf (stdout, "Posix_ProcEnv_EXPR_NEST_MAX = %d\n", Posix_ProcEnv_EXPR_NEST_MAX);
fprintf (stdout, "Posix_ProcEnv_COLL_WEIGHTS_MAX = %d\n", Posix_ProcEnv_COLL_WEIGHTS_MAX);
fprintf (stdout, "Posix_ProcEnv_BC_STRING_MAX = %d\n", Posix_ProcEnv_BC_STRING_MAX);
fprintf (stdout, "Posix_ProcEnv_BC_SCALE_MAX = %d\n", Posix_ProcEnv_BC_SCALE_MAX);
fprintf (stdout, "Posix_ProcEnv_BC_DIM_MAX = %d\n", Posix_ProcEnv_BC_DIM_MAX);
fprintf (stdout, "Posix_ProcEnv_BC_BASE_MAX = %d\n", Posix_ProcEnv_BC_BASE_MAX);
fprintf (stdout, "Posix_ProcEnv_VERSION = %d\n", Posix_ProcEnv_VERSION);
fprintf (stdout, "Posix_ProcEnv_SAVED_IDS = %d\n", Posix_ProcEnv_SAVED_IDS);
fprintf (stdout, "Posix_ProcEnv_JOB_CONTROL = %d\n", Posix_ProcEnv_JOB_CONTROL);
fprintf (stdout, "Posix_ProcEnv_OPEN_MAX = %d\n", Posix_ProcEnv_OPEN_MAX);
fprintf (stdout, "Posix_ProcEnv_TZNAME_MAX = %d\n", Posix_ProcEnv_TZNAME_MAX);
fprintf (stdout, "Posix_ProcEnv_STREAM_MAX = %d\n", Posix_ProcEnv_STREAM_MAX);
fprintf (stdout, "Posix_ProcEnv_CLK_TCK = %d\n", Posix_ProcEnv_CLK_TCK);
fprintf (stdout, "Posix_ProcEnv_CHILD_MAX = %d\n", Posix_ProcEnv_CHILD_MAX);
fprintf (stdout, "Posix_ProcEnv_ARG_MAX = %d\n", Posix_ProcEnv_ARG_MAX);
fprintf (stdout, "Posix_ProcEnv_numgroups = %d\n", Posix_ProcEnv_numgroups);
fprintf (stdout, "Posix_IO_FD_cloexec = %x\n", Posix_IO_FD_cloexec);
fprintf (stdout, "Posix_IO_SEEK_END = %d\n", Posix_IO_SEEK_END);
fprintf (stdout, "Posix_IO_SEEK_CUR = %d\n", Posix_IO_SEEK_CUR);
fprintf (stdout, "Posix_IO_SEEK_SET = %d\n", Posix_IO_SEEK_SET);
fprintf (stdout, "Posix_IO_O_ACCMODE = %x\n", Posix_IO_O_ACCMODE);
fprintf (stdout, "Posix_IO_F_SETOWN = %d\n", Posix_IO_F_SETOWN);
fprintf (stdout, "Posix_IO_F_GETOWN = %d\n", Posix_IO_F_GETOWN);
fprintf (stdout, "Posix_IO_F_SETLKW = %d\n", Posix_IO_F_SETLKW);
fprintf (stdout, "Posix_IO_F_UNLCK = %d\n", Posix_IO_F_UNLCK);
fprintf (stdout, "Posix_IO_F_WRLCK = %d\n", Posix_IO_F_WRLCK);
fprintf (stdout, "Posix_IO_F_RDLCK = %d\n", Posix_IO_F_RDLCK);
fprintf (stdout, "Posix_IO_F_SETLK = %d\n", Posix_IO_F_SETLK);
fprintf (stdout, "Posix_IO_F_GETLK = %d\n", Posix_IO_F_GETLK);
fprintf (stdout, "Posix_IO_F_SETFL = %d\n", Posix_IO_F_SETFL);
fprintf (stdout, "Posix_IO_F_GETFL = %d\n", Posix_IO_F_GETFL);
fprintf (stdout, "Posix_IO_F_SETFD = %d\n", Posix_IO_F_SETFD);
fprintf (stdout, "Posix_IO_F_GETFD = %d\n", Posix_IO_F_GETFD);
fprintf (stdout, "Posix_IO_F_DUPFD = %d\n", Posix_IO_F_DUPFD);
fprintf (stdout, "Posix_FileSys_VDISABLE = %d\n", Posix_FileSys_VDISABLE);
fprintf (stdout, "Posix_FileSys_NO_TRUNC = %d\n", Posix_FileSys_NO_TRUNC);
fprintf (stdout, "Posix_FileSys_CHOWN_RESTRICTED = %d\n", Posix_FileSys_CHOWN_RESTRICTED);
fprintf (stdout, "Posix_FileSys_PIPE_BUF = %d\n", Posix_FileSys_PIPE_BUF);
fprintf (stdout, "Posix_FileSys_PATH_MAX = %d\n", Posix_FileSys_PATH_MAX);
fprintf (stdout, "Posix_FileSys_NAME_MAX = %d\n", Posix_FileSys_NAME_MAX);
fprintf (stdout, "Posix_FileSys_MAX_INPUT = %d\n", Posix_FileSys_MAX_INPUT);
fprintf (stdout, "Posix_FileSys_MAX_CANON = %d\n", Posix_FileSys_MAX_CANON);
fprintf (stdout, "Posix_FileSys_LINK_MAX = %d\n", Posix_FileSys_LINK_MAX);
fprintf (stdout, "Posix_FileSys_F_OK = %x\n", Posix_FileSys_F_OK);
fprintf (stdout, "Posix_FileSys_X_OK = %x\n", Posix_FileSys_X_OK);
fprintf (stdout, "Posix_FileSys_W_OK = %x\n", Posix_FileSys_W_OK);
fprintf (stdout, "Posix_FileSys_R_OK = %x\n", Posix_FileSys_R_OK);
fprintf (stdout, "Posix_FileSys_o_rdwr = %x\n", Posix_FileSys_o_rdwr);
fprintf (stdout, "Posix_FileSys_o_wronly = %x\n", Posix_FileSys_o_wronly);
fprintf (stdout, "Posix_FileSys_o_rdonly = %x\n", Posix_FileSys_o_rdonly);
fprintf (stdout, "Posix_FileSys_O_binary = %x\n", Posix_FileSys_O_binary);
fprintf (stdout, "Posix_FileSys_O_text = %x\n", Posix_FileSys_O_text);
fprintf (stdout, "Posix_FileSys_O_trunc = %x\n", Posix_FileSys_O_trunc);
fprintf (stdout, "Posix_FileSys_O_sync = %x\n", Posix_FileSys_O_sync);
fprintf (stdout, "Posix_FileSys_O_nonblock = %x\n", Posix_FileSys_O_nonblock);
fprintf (stdout, "Posix_FileSys_O_noctty = %x\n", Posix_FileSys_O_noctty);
fprintf (stdout, "Posix_FileSys_O_excl = %x\n", Posix_FileSys_O_excl);
fprintf (stdout, "Posix_FileSys_O_creat = %x\n", Posix_FileSys_O_creat);
fprintf (stdout, "Posix_FileSys_O_append = %x\n", Posix_FileSys_O_append);
fprintf (stdout, "Posix_FileSys_S_isgid = %x\n", Posix_FileSys_S_isgid);
fprintf (stdout, "Posix_FileSys_S_isuid = %x\n", Posix_FileSys_S_isuid);
fprintf (stdout, "Posix_FileSys_S_ixoth = %x\n", Posix_FileSys_S_ixoth);
fprintf (stdout, "Posix_FileSys_S_iwoth = %x\n", Posix_FileSys_S_iwoth);
fprintf (stdout, "Posix_FileSys_S_iroth = %x\n", Posix_FileSys_S_iroth);
fprintf (stdout, "Posix_FileSys_S_irwxo = %x\n", Posix_FileSys_S_irwxo);
fprintf (stdout, "Posix_FileSys_S_ixgrp = %x\n", Posix_FileSys_S_ixgrp);
fprintf (stdout, "Posix_FileSys_S_iwgrp = %x\n", Posix_FileSys_S_iwgrp);
fprintf (stdout, "Posix_FileSys_S_irgrp = %x\n", Posix_FileSys_S_irgrp);
fprintf (stdout, "Posix_FileSys_S_irwxg = %x\n", Posix_FileSys_S_irwxg);
fprintf (stdout, "Posix_FileSys_S_ixusr = %x\n", Posix_FileSys_S_ixusr);
fprintf (stdout, "Posix_FileSys_S_iwusr = %x\n", Posix_FileSys_S_iwusr);
fprintf (stdout, "Posix_FileSys_S_irusr = %x\n", Posix_FileSys_S_irusr);
fprintf (stdout, "Posix_FileSys_S_irwxu = %x\n", Posix_FileSys_S_irwxu);
fprintf (stdout, "Posix_FileSys_S_ififo = %x\n", Posix_FileSys_S_ififo);
fprintf (stdout, "Posix_FileSys_S_ifchr = %x\n", Posix_FileSys_S_ifchr);
fprintf (stdout, "Posix_FileSys_S_ifdir = %x\n", Posix_FileSys_S_ifdir);
fprintf (stdout, "Posix_FileSys_S_ifblk = %x\n", Posix_FileSys_S_ifblk);
fprintf (stdout, "Posix_FileSys_S_ifreg = %x\n", Posix_FileSys_S_ifreg);
fprintf (stdout, "Posix_FileSys_S_iflnk = %x\n", Posix_FileSys_S_iflnk);
fprintf (stdout, "Posix_FileSys_S_ifsock = %x\n", Posix_FileSys_S_ifsock);
fprintf (stdout, "Posix_Error_xdev = %d\n", Posix_Error_xdev);
fprintf (stdout, "Posix_Error_toobig = %d\n", Posix_Error_toobig);
fprintf (stdout, "Posix_Error_srch = %d\n", Posix_Error_srch);
fprintf (stdout, "Posix_Error_spipe = %d\n", Posix_Error_spipe);
fprintf (stdout, "Posix_Error_rofs = %d\n", Posix_Error_rofs);
fprintf (stdout, "Posix_Error_range = %d\n", Posix_Error_range);
fprintf (stdout, "Posix_Error_pipe = %d\n", Posix_Error_pipe);
fprintf (stdout, "Posix_Error_perm = %d\n", Posix_Error_perm);
fprintf (stdout, "Posix_Error_nxio = %d\n", Posix_Error_nxio);
fprintf (stdout, "Posix_Error_notty = %d\n", Posix_Error_notty);
fprintf (stdout, "Posix_Error_notsup = %d\n", Posix_Error_notsup);
fprintf (stdout, "Posix_Error_notempty = %d\n", Posix_Error_notempty);
fprintf (stdout, "Posix_Error_notdir = %d\n", Posix_Error_notdir);
fprintf (stdout, "Posix_Error_nosys = %d\n", Posix_Error_nosys);
fprintf (stdout, "Posix_Error_nospc = %d\n", Posix_Error_nospc);
fprintf (stdout, "Posix_Error_nomem = %d\n", Posix_Error_nomem);
fprintf (stdout, "Posix_Error_nolck = %d\n", Posix_Error_nolck);
fprintf (stdout, "Posix_Error_noexec = %d\n", Posix_Error_noexec);
fprintf (stdout, "Posix_Error_noent = %d\n", Posix_Error_noent);
fprintf (stdout, "Posix_Error_nodev = %d\n", Posix_Error_nodev);
fprintf (stdout, "Posix_Error_nfile = %d\n", Posix_Error_nfile);
fprintf (stdout, "Posix_Error_nametoolong = %d\n", Posix_Error_nametoolong);
fprintf (stdout, "Posix_Error_msgsize = %d\n", Posix_Error_msgsize);
fprintf (stdout, "Posix_Error_mlink = %d\n", Posix_Error_mlink);
fprintf (stdout, "Posix_Error_mfile = %d\n", Posix_Error_mfile);
fprintf (stdout, "Posix_Error_loop = %d\n", Posix_Error_loop);
fprintf (stdout, "Posix_Error_isdir = %d\n", Posix_Error_isdir);
fprintf (stdout, "Posix_Error_io = %d\n", Posix_Error_io);
fprintf (stdout, "Posix_Error_inval = %d\n", Posix_Error_inval);
fprintf (stdout, "Posix_Error_intr = %d\n", Posix_Error_intr);
fprintf (stdout, "Posix_Error_inprogress = %d\n", Posix_Error_inprogress);
fprintf (stdout, "Posix_Error_fbig = %d\n", Posix_Error_fbig);
fprintf (stdout, "Posix_Error_fault = %d\n", Posix_Error_fault);
fprintf (stdout, "Posix_Error_exist = %d\n", Posix_Error_exist);
fprintf (stdout, "Posix_Error_dom = %d\n", Posix_Error_dom);
fprintf (stdout, "Posix_Error_deadlk = %d\n", Posix_Error_deadlk);
fprintf (stdout, "Posix_Error_child = %d\n", Posix_Error_child);
fprintf (stdout, "Posix_Error_canceled = %d\n", Posix_Error_canceled);
fprintf (stdout, "Posix_Error_busy = %d\n", Posix_Error_busy);
fprintf (stdout, "Posix_Error_badmsg = %d\n", Posix_Error_badmsg);
fprintf (stdout, "Posix_Error_badf = %d\n", Posix_Error_badf);
fprintf (stdout, "Posix_Error_again = %d\n", Posix_Error_again);
fprintf (stdout, "Posix_Error_acces = %d\n", Posix_Error_acces);
fprintf (stdout, "Socket_shutdownReadWrite = %d\n", Socket_shutdownReadWrite);
fprintf (stdout, "Socket_shutdownWrite = %d\n", Socket_shutdownWrite);
fprintf (stdout, "Socket_shutdownRead = %d\n", Socket_shutdownRead);
fprintf (stdout, "Ptrace_SYSCALL = %d\n", Ptrace_SYSCALL);
fprintf (stdout, "Ptrace_SETFPREGS = %d\n", Ptrace_SETFPREGS);
fprintf (stdout, "Ptrace_GETFPREGS = %d\n", Ptrace_GETFPREGS);
fprintf (stdout, "Ptrace_SETREGS = %d\n", Ptrace_SETREGS);
fprintf (stdout, "Ptrace_GETREGS = %d\n", Ptrace_GETREGS);
fprintf (stdout, "Ptrace_DETACH = %d\n", Ptrace_DETACH);
fprintf (stdout, "Ptrace_ATTACH = %d\n", Ptrace_ATTACH);
fprintf (stdout, "Ptrace_SINGLESTEP = %d\n", Ptrace_SINGLESTEP);
fprintf (stdout, "Ptrace_KILL = %d\n", Ptrace_KILL);
fprintf (stdout, "Ptrace_CONT = %d\n", Ptrace_CONT);
fprintf (stdout, "Ptrace_POKEDATA = %d\n", Ptrace_POKEDATA);
fprintf (stdout, "Ptrace_POKETEXT = %d\n", Ptrace_POKETEXT);
fprintf (stdout, "Ptrace_PEEKDATA = %d\n", Ptrace_PEEKDATA);
fprintf (stdout, "Ptrace_PEEKTEXT = %d\n", Ptrace_PEEKTEXT);
fprintf (stdout, "Ptrace_TRACEME = %d\n", Ptrace_TRACEME);
fprintf (stdout, "MLton_Rlimit_virtualMemorySize = %d\n", MLton_Rlimit_virtualMemorySize);
fprintf (stdout, "MLton_Rlimit_stackSize = %d\n", MLton_Rlimit_stackSize);
fprintf (stdout, "MLton_Rlimit_residentSetSize = %d\n", MLton_Rlimit_residentSetSize);
fprintf (stdout, "MLton_Rlimit_numProcesses = %d\n", MLton_Rlimit_numProcesses);
fprintf (stdout, "MLton_Rlimit_numFiles = %d\n", MLton_Rlimit_numFiles);
fprintf (stdout, "MLton_Rlimit_lockedInMemorySize = %d\n", MLton_Rlimit_lockedInMemorySize);
fprintf (stdout, "MLton_Rlimit_fileSize = %d\n", MLton_Rlimit_fileSize);
fprintf (stdout, "MLton_Rlimit_dataSize = %d\n", MLton_Rlimit_dataSize);
fprintf (stdout, "MLton_Rlimit_coreFileSize = %d\n", MLton_Rlimit_coreFileSize);
fprintf (stdout, "MLton_Rlimit_cpuTime = %d\n", MLton_Rlimit_cpuTime);
fprintf (stdout, "MLton_Rlimit_infinity = %x\n", MLton_Rlimit_infinity);
fprintf (stdout, "MLton_hostType = %d\n", MLton_hostType);
fprintf (stdout, "Itimer_virtual = %d\n", Itimer_virtual);
fprintf (stdout, "Itimer_real = %d\n", Itimer_real);
fprintf (stdout, "Itimer_prof = %d\n", Itimer_prof);
fprintf (stdout, "MLton_isLittleEndian = %s\n", MLton_isLittleEndian? "true" : "false");
fprintf (stdout, "canHandle = %d\n", offsetof (struct GC_state, canHandle));
fprintf (stdout, "currentThread = %d\n", offsetof (struct GC_state, currentThread));
fprintf (stdout, "frontier = %d\n", offsetof (struct GC_state, frontier));
fprintf (stdout, "cardMapForMutator = %d\n", offsetof (struct GC_state, cardMapForMutator));
fprintf (stdout, "limit = %d\n", offsetof (struct GC_state, limit));
fprintf (stdout, "limitPlusSlop = %d\n", offsetof (struct GC_state, limitPlusSlop));
fprintf (stdout, "maxFrameSize = %d\n", offsetof (struct GC_state, maxFrameSize));
fprintf (stdout, "signalIsPending = %d\n", offsetof (struct GC_state, signalIsPending));
fprintf (stdout, "stackBottom = %d\n", offsetof (struct GC_state, stackBottom));
fprintf (stdout, "stackLimit = %d\n", offsetof (struct GC_state, stackLimit));
fprintf (stdout, "stackTop = %d\n", offsetof (struct GC_state, stackTop));
return 0;}

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