[MLton-devel] RedHat 7.1/7.3 problems

Stephen Weeks MLton@mlton.org
Thu, 12 Sep 2002 22:01:53 -0700

> Well, then I think it's some bug in the different binutils.  Considering
> that the only machine where we can reproduce the bug is cfs05, which
> seemed to have a wacky binutil version compared to Steve's fresh RH 7.1
> box, I'm inclined to put the blame there.

Yeah.  The annoying thing is that Alain and Sam had the same problem.
Unfortunately, we don't know which binutils they have.  Since the
problem isn't with MLton and seems to have been fixed in later
RedHats, I am willing to live with one of the following solutions

* build on a 7.1 machine
* build the runtime when we install the RPM

The first seems easier.

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