[MLton-devel] Re: debian package for upcoming release of MLton

Barak Pearlmutter bap@cs.unm.edu
Fri, 20 Sep 2002 22:02:36 -0600

The Debian packaging process is incredibly, and arguably
unnecessarily, intricate.  But actually generating a package is

First you get the debianized sources.  You do this either

 apt-get source mlton
 cd mlton-XXXX

or manually:

 tar zxf ORIGINAL-SOURCES.tar.gz
 cd mlton-XXXX
 zcat PATCH-FILE.diff.gz | patch -p1 --quiet

Then you compile the sources and generate the binary package:

 fakeroot debian/rules binary

E Voila!

For that work you need to have the following packages installed on
your machine:
 fakeroot (assuming you do the above; you can just run debian/rules as
		root instead if you want)
 any Build-Depends: mentioned in debian/control

That is it.

I personally keep everything in CVS, so after I have it all ready I

 cvs-buildpackage -F

but that basically just does the above, along with some CVS tagging
and generation of the .diff.gz file and the .dsc file and the .changes
file and making md5 checksums and signing things with my gpg key and
stuff like that, which are needed for uploading into the debian


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