[MLton-devel] Re: MLton debian package

Barak Pearlmutter bap@cs.unm.edu
Sun, 29 Sep 2002 00:12:23 -0600

The usual protocol is this:

 - list yourself as maintainer in debian/control.  that way you get the
   bug reports.  (you're welcome to list me as a co-maintainer, but you
   don't have to.)
 - make sure "fakeroot debian/rules binary" works, for the autobuilders
   and such, which sometimes run chew even a one-architecture
   package.  This is guaranteed if you use cvs-buildpackage
 - make sure the generated packages pass lintian
 - put them on the web (unsigned, but with a .dsc file etc -
   cvs-buildpackage needs a switch to tell it not to sign them), send me
   email, and I'll fetch, sign, and dupload them


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