[MLton] cvs commit: world no longer contains a preprocessed basis library

Henry Cejtin henry@sourcelight.com
Wed, 10 Dec 2003 14:00:50 -0600

Doesn't using promises cause all uses to have the test to see if it was
forced copied to it (assuming inlining)?  Sounds like that could be a problem.
I agree that the non-semantics-preserving code removal is bad, but I think
that file-level won't be great.  Partly it is because structures encourage one
to make `files' a bit larger.  I.e., with file-level `dead' code elimination,
any structure would either be completely included or missing, right?  That
can't quite be correct or else all the basis would be there.  Would it just
imply that any structure not absent would all be there except possibly for