[MLton] cvs commit: improved type constructor names in type errors

Stephen Weeks MLton@mlton.org
Mon, 29 Dec 2003 14:02:46 -0800

> Ocaml has a pattern-matcher which reports unexhaustive pattern mathces
> with an example of a pattern there is missing. a) Would this be a
> thing that would be worthy to add, and b) hard to add? I am not sure
> I want that, because I have not generally found any use for it. I just
> mention it, so it is not forgotten.

It seems like a good idea to me, so I added it.  Thanks for the

> The point is that I, when I am writing SML, have a pretty good idea 
> about what patterns one of my functions expects. So when an un-
> exhaustive match comes up, I always know what I am missing. It might
> be a help to beginning programmers though, but I am not sure if they
> are a target for MLton.

We would certainly like for beginners to be able to use MLton.  That's
one reason why I've spent so much time on the front end in the last
five months.