[MLton] cvs commit messages

Stephen Weeks MLton@mlton.org
Mon, 1 Dec 2003 20:07:52 -0800

Right now we have two ways of getting information about commits.

* The instantaneous way -- place MAIL in the log message and it will
be sent, along with the diffs, immediately.

* The delayed way -- http://www.mlton.org/commitlog is updated nightly
with the commits made from the previous day, and contains a complete
log of all commits (without diffs) in reverse cronological order.

Long ago, when we first started CVS commits, we decided it was too
intrusive to send an email for each commit.  I still feel that way
(strongly).  However, I am wondering if people might find it useful
and un-intrusive enough to receive a nightly email of all the commits
from the previous day (without diffs).  Basically, this would contain
a prefix of http://www.mlton.org/commitlog.  It would only be sent on
days when at least one commit happens, and wouldn't be very long,
since it only contains log messages.