[MLton] cvs commit: world no longer contains a preprocessed basis library

Stephen Weeks MLton@mlton.org
Mon, 15 Dec 2003 12:38:54 -0800

> I think you'll need to expain your filter idea better.  Maybe it does
> work, given that one is only ever working with one list of files at a
> time.

I think the only point of confusion is that I would like the
dependence information per SML file, while CM is giving it per CM
file.  My filter idea is that we have (from CM or mlb dependence
analysis) a map

	depends: SMLFile -> P(SMLFile)

This map tells us, for each file f, the files that define the modules
that f imports.  So, for the example in question

	sources.cm:  Group
	               structure Main
	               main.sml (* uses structure A *)
	AB/sources.cm:  Group
	                  structure A
	                  structure B
	                  AB/a.sml (* uses structure X *)
	                  AB/b.sml (* uses structure Y *)
	XYZ/sources.cm:  Group
	                   structure X
	                   structure Y
	                   structure Z
The map is

	f		depends(f)
	---------	---------------
	main.sml	{AB/a.sml}
	AB/a.sml	{XYZ/x.sml}
	AB/b.sml	{XYZ/y.sml}
	XYZ/x.sml	{}
	XYZ/y.sml	{}
	XYZ/z.sml	{}

Then, it is a simple matter to use depends to produce the set of
needed files for main.sml.  The topological order is easy too.

My current understanding is that depends is not extractable from what
CM gives you.