[MLton] MLton does not compile (20031229 sources)

Stephen Weeks MLton@mlton.org
Mon, 29 Dec 2003 02:40:53 -0800

> > Error: ../lib/mlton-stubs/mlton.sig 34.26: undefined signature MLTON_POINTER
> >
> > Is this reproduceable anywhere else, or is it my 14 Dec compiler which
> > needs upgrading? (Arch is NetBSD).
> It's a bug; the MLTON_POINTER signature hasn't been exported.

Because the problem is in mlton-stubs/*, it looks to me like it
occurred during bootstrapping, and is due to
lib/mlton-stubs/pointer.sml not being included in
mlton/mlton-stubs.cm.  This is because I forgot to remake
mlton/mlton-stubs.cm after adding a file to
lib/mlton-stubs/sources.cm.  This is a common mistake and is easily
remedied by running "make cm" from the root directory, which requires
that you have cmcat.  I have done so and checked in the fix.