[MLton-devel] Blocking bug under Cygwin

Alain Deutsch deutsch@polyspace.com
Wed, 29 Jan 2003 18:58:38 +0100

Stephen Weeks a écrit:

>It would be helpful to know if the assertion failure occurred coming
>into a gc, during a gc, or leaving a gc.  If you run with @MLton
>gc-messages --, we should be able to determine this.  With -gc-check
>every, coming into a gc almost certainly means compiler bug, while the
>latter two almost certainly mean gc bug.
Here is the log, which seem to indicate that the problem occurs curing GC.

/tmp/file23ytoh.0.s 0: doGC
Starting gc.  bytesRequested = 0
Copying GC.
fromSpace = 780000  toSpace = 7c0000
fromSpace size = 909,312  toSpace size = 909,312
gc.c 1129: assert(1 == (header & 1)) failed.

>In the meantime, I will look at changes since 20020714 to see what
>segfaults have been fixed.  There have been quite a few changes
>though.  Can you please try with 20020923, which is more stable, and
>with 20021122, to see if they exhibit the same problem.  That will
>give me some idea of if the bug was already fixed, and if so, when.
OK, I am installing 20020923. Or should we try the November version 
directly ?

>I am also planning a new Cygwin snapshot shortly.  There were a lot of
>improvements to backend IL type checking that went in in the last two
>months.  On the off chance that the problem still remains, it will be
>interesting to try that snapshot.
>One other experiment to try is to compile -native false, if feasible.
>That could help us rule out a codegen bug.

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