[MLton-devel] Blocking bug under Cygwin

Stephen Weeks MLton@mlton.org
Wed, 29 Jan 2003 11:36:11 -0800

> In the meantime, I will look at changes since 20020714 to see what
> segfaults have been fixed. 

There was a bug fixed on 2002/07/20 that could cause seg faults in
programs using threads/signals.  That's the only obvious possibility I
could find.

In general, I'd feel much more comfortable if you used 20020923
instead of 20020714+mods, because 20020923 has seen much wider use by
others.  IIRC, your mods for 20020714 were to add {pack,unpack} and
some gc constant tweaks.  Certainly {pack,unpack} are in 20020923, and
there have been some changes to them since 20020714.  And the gc
tweaks should be easy enough to make.  If you are uncomfortable with
the generational gc in 20020923, it is easy enough to turn off, and
suffer no performance penalty, by compiling your application
-mark-cards false.  Is there anything else that prevents you from

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