[MLton] MLton wiki

Chris Clearwater chris@sharkzone.com
Wed, 01 Jan 2003 14:29:40 -0800

Stephen Weeks wrote:

>I've added appropriate redirects (like history.html -> History).  I
>turned on wiki support for file attachments, and used those in places
>(Download, Experimental, Developers, ...) to replace links leading
>outside the wiki (into www.mlton.org) with links into the wiki.
While I agree with your view on the openness of editing the content of 
the wiki,  I feel that allowing arbitrary uploads of binary files is too 
much of a security risk.  Anyone can replace the official MLton 
distributions with trojaned copies.  Even if you restricted those files, 
the wiki could be edited in other places to make it appear as if a 
particular file was official .  This is especially bad as the wiki 
mostly appears like a regular web page.