[MLton-devel] OS.IO.poll portability

Henry Cejtin henry@sourcelight.com
Fri, 6 Jun 2003 14:44:36 -0500

I  am  completely confused about this.  Isn't it clear that the list returned
by OS.IO.poll should be empty.  The socket hasn't been connected to and so an
input (i.e., an accept) would block.  This seems to be what I get with an old
SML/NJ (110.9.1).  I wrote some C code testing out poll() on Linux 2.4.2  and
it  seems to also work this way.  Poll is generally viewed as a bit more sane
then select, although newer.

Speaking of poll(), the file mlton/runtime/basis/OS/IO/poll.c from the CVS  a
couple  of days ago is not actually legal C (although gcc accepts it).  In C,
stack frames are constant size.  You  cannot  accept  a  parameter  and  then
declare a local variable (ufds in this case) to be an array whose size is the
value of the parameter.

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