[MLton] MLton wiki

Stephen Weeks MLton@mlton.org
Mon, 30 Aug 2004 10:48:21 -0700

> I agree that there is a lot of useful information that could be
> handled by a wiki -- including the style guide. 

Interesting thought.  That could work.  But it certainly won't happen
before the release.  Maybe the standalone doc for now and in the wiki

> (Although, a bit of a phyrric victory to use an OCaml powered wiki.)

I don't really mind that.  Whatever tool works best.  I point out that
we do use the fine hevea/hacha tools, which are built with OCaml.

I haven't done any research into this yet, but my guess is that I
wouldn't use a home-grown wiki like the OCaml one.  I would go for
something more widely used and standard, like the MediaWiki


which is used for the biggest wiki of them all, the wikipedia.  This
isn't gonna happen until after the release, though, and there is
plenty of time for discussion.