[MLton] Broken CVS

Stephen Weeks MLton@mlton.org
Wed, 15 Dec 2004 10:29:38 -0800

> I could just put in:
> datatype endian = BIG | LITTLE | UNKNOWN
> exception EndianUnset
> val targetBigEndian = ref UNKNOWN
> fun targetIsBigEndian () = 
>   case !targetBigEndian of
>     UNKNOWN => raise EndianUnset
>   | BIG => true
>   | LITTLE => false
> ... and then later set it later.
> Then you'd kill me for such an ugly hack. :)

Actually that seems fine to me.  (Although I might use an endian
option and drop the UNKNOWN)

> PPS. I take it you don't want me to send mail directly to you even when it's
> a small thing? (You redirected my last email to the list.) I only did it b/c
> I wasn't sure if posting publicly about a bad commit would be polite.

The list is the place to send (I hadn't even noticed that you sent to
me).  Everyone here understands that the list is high traffic, and
that one purpose is to fix bugs.  In this case, Matthew would have
replied about the bugfix and I would have been saved some time :-).