[MLton] Finished (?) MLton.Child

Stephen Weeks MLton@mlton.org
Thu, 2 Dec 2004 13:21:40 -0800

> Here's a patch which makes CreateProcess work on cygwin without
> using fork().

Great.  I've integrated the patch, with some changes.  I await bug

> I also pulled everything out of create.c. The only method which
> remains the same between mingw and cygwin is terminate, so it was
> rather silly.

I didn't like the duplication in cygwin.c and mingw.c, so I moved the
common stuff into windows.c (including terminate, which is worth

> Paths are translated from cygwin style to windows before
> CreateProcess.

Good.  I moved this code from the C runtime into the SML for the basis

> At any rate, afaik this means MLton.Process.create works on all
> supported platforms. Therefore Unix.create works too. =) You might
> want to consider deprecating spawn in favour of the SML Basis
> provided Unix.*.

I added a note to mlton.org/MLtonProcess.

> Btw, why is mlton not built for !i386 in debian? The C target would still
> work wouldn't it?

Are you referring to the "Problems" section on


which says that MLton is not in testing because of release critical
bugs?  Or something else?

We haven't yet even been able to reproduce bug #281701


If someone on this list can help out, we'd appreciate it.

> Also, at some point when you applied my patch to fix cygwin->mingw
> cross-compilation, part went missing and therefore cvs/HEAD doesn't work.
> I've attached a quick fix for that too. (You included -b twice)

Got it.  Thanks.