[MLton] Debian package (was: Finished (?) MLton.Child)

Stephen Weeks MLton@mlton.org
Fri, 3 Dec 2004 11:07:30 -0800

> In what way is the C codegen architecture-dependent?

It is not that the C codegen is itself architecture dependent; it is
that it generates architecture-dependent code :-).  That is, the C
codegen doesn't have any tests that look at the target and then change
its behavior based on that.  Rather, MLton's ILs are architecture
dependent, and so, since the C codegen gets architecture-dependent
input, its output is architecture-dependent as well.

> What sort of things I am going to need to change?
> Just runtime/*?

I added mlton.org/PortinMLton to help out.  Surely there's lots
missing and errors, but it's a start.  Feel free to add notes there.

> Of course, getting that first binary MLton package is a problem.
> I think using an i386->target cross-compiler is the best way to go.

Yes.  That's what I've always done.

> I will at least try this for powerpc since it seems you already have
> support for MacOS and therefore ppc floats and other things.
> http://db.debian.org/machines.cgi suggests bruckner.debian.org.

Going to a new pair arch+os, where MLton already supports both arch
and os separately shouldn't be too hard.  Ideally, that process should
just work if we've got our if-tests all set up right.  If not,
hopefully your efforts will move us toward that goal.