[MLton] compiler independent MLB files

Martin Elsman mael@itu.dk
13 Dec 2004 15:46:35 +0100


It would be great if it was easy for programmers to write compiler
independent MLB files. As it is now, MLton requires programmers to
reference "$(MLTON_ROOT)/basis/basis.mlb" to use the Basis Library.
Similarly, MLKit requires programmers to reference
"$(MLKIT_ROOT)/basislib/basislib.mlb". One solution could be to
enforce that a path variable $(MLBLIB_ROOT) is set by default. In
MLton, this path variable could be set to $(MLTON_ROOT), whereas in
MLKit, the path variable could be set to $(MLKIT_ROOT). I will then
arrange that the naming of MLB-files for MLKit matches the naming used
in MLton. In this way, the programmer can write
$(MLBLIB_ROOT)/basis/basis.mlb to refer to the basis library in a
compiler independent way. The MLKit would support at least
"$(MLBLIB_ROOT)/basis/basis.mlb" and

Any thoughts on this?
Best Regards,

Martin Elsman