[MLton] Debian: sparc works

Stephen Weeks MLton@mlton.org
Tue, 21 Dec 2004 17:27:24 -0800

> The only difference from i386 is the sizes.  However, they're never
> more than 2* as big so I figure that's probably just from -align 8
> and should be ignored...?

Yeah, those are fine.

> Anyways, from the point of view of debian, here's how it looks.
> Is it possible to build MLton with less memory somehow?

You could try building with "-polyvariance false" and/or with a
smaller inlining threshold, "-inline <n>".

> Even if it was 8* slower, that would be fine as long as it avoided
> the crazy slow-down that happens when thrashing occures. voltaire
> (ppc) has 320MB of RAM. I would really like to get PPC to build. The
> rest have 128MB or 256MB.

I doubt the above will shrink stuff enough to fit into any of these.
But maybe 320.  The right solution is to get the Debian machines with
at least 512M.  Since a single 512M DIMM costs <$100, perhaps the
maintainers of these machines would be willing to upgrade them, if
they are made aware that the current situation causes problems.

> My patch right now mostly just switches things to C99 and fixes a
> couple of bugs that caused trouble on sparc+hppa. Shall I send it to
> you now for integration or wait until it also includes gc.c 64-bit
> cleanup?

Since you've made it to a stable point, go ahead and send it.