[MLton] Type cleanup for 64bit port (was: sparc works)

Wesley W. Terpstra terpstra@gkec.tu-darmstadt.de
Thu, 23 Dec 2004 21:35:15 +0100

On Thu, Dec 23, 2004 at 12:10:56PM -0800, Stephen Weeks wrote:
> After that, I was able to remove the _GNU_SOURCE from gc.c.
> I see that _GNU_SOURCE is also in mingw.c.  Should that be removed?

MinGW tries to be GNU compatible, so it makes emotional sense. ;)
However, right now MinGW ignores the flag.

If MinGW ever did add the ability to select the environment with more
detail, GNU_SOURCE would bring in everything, so it's probably a good 
idea to leave it there.

Wesley W. Terpstra