[MLton] Henry's comments on the User Guide

Henry Cejtin henry@sourcelight.com
Thu, 12 Feb 2004 13:48:15 -0600

Re the example on page 3 of -link-opt, I would say something like:
        If, for example, libgmp.a is in /tmp, then add
            -link-opt -L/tmp

The  stop  runtime switch is fine with me, as long as there is some way to do

I haven't downloaded a version from the CVS yet, but the new
    -show-basis true
which shows the types of user code is excellent.  The whole new front end  is
really  excellent.  The error messages are really very good, much better than
SML/NJ, and I really don't use SML/NJ much at all now.

Re the runtime `stop' option, the only  argument  for  -no-load-world  is  to
allow  someone  to  specify  run-time  options  (like  heap  size) on set-uid
executables, which is probably worth something.

re _import and _export, I would think it would still be a bit better  to  use
some brackets other than paren's, since parens are so over-used (for grouping
and tuples) already, but that is only a very minor feeling.  The switch  from
semicolon-terminated  to  parenthesized  would  be a big improvement I think.
The problem with semicolon is that its usual use has a VERY low precedence if
you  will, so you get used to scanning for them first to break things up, and
with _import and _export you are pimped.

Any way, I agree that the incompatibility and the change is bad.  It might be
worth asking the big users, like the OpenGL and Gtk people.

In your changed text for MLton.Pointer.getX, you has a first line
    returns the object stored at index i aof the array of X
and the `aof' should be `of'.

Any way, looks good.  When is the release scheduled for.