[MLton] OpenGL

Stephen Weeks MLton@mlton.org
Wed, 25 Feb 2004 15:24:30 -0800

> The status is that a basic subset of OpenGL is available in CVS sufficient
> to write basic OpenGL based applications.  Before release I would like to
> add a test for the Glut menu functions - I've been distracted from this task
> for the past few weeks.


> I also like the idea of curried functions as it makes function application
> easier to my Haskellised way of thinking - I may be missing something about
> how SML people work with curried functions though, as I'm not very
> experienced with SML.

At least for the MLton style, we prefer to use currying only when
computation is actually being staged.

> The only files you really need to keep are the files in the mlton directory
> I would suggest that you just remove everything except for the contents of
> the mlton subdirectory and move those up one level.

I am tempted to do this by mucking with the cvs directory on the
server instead of via cvs commands.  Is there any CVS wizard out there
who thinks that is a bad idea?