[MLton] RE: [MLton-user] beta testers wanted

Stephen Weeks MLton@mlton.org
Mon, 12 Jan 2004 08:51:04 -0800

> I replied to Stephen's email of last week over the weekend from home
> but it doesn't seem to have gone through to the mailing list.

There are two messages from you in the archive at

and I don't see anything in my spam folders that looks like it is from
you.  Is there something that you sent other than those two (and the
one I am currently replying to, which you sent to me and I forwarded
to MLton)?

> The new MLton is a vast improvement and I'm finding it much easier
> to use. I recommenced adding functions to the OpenGL binding on the
> weekend.  The Real32 structure does just what I wanted too, thanks.


> I'm concerned about source code safety so if you have some CVS space
> I would be pleased to be able to check the project in there (I am
> set up to do SSH CVS access). 

Yes, this makes sense.  I think it will fit fine in the lib directory
of our CVS.  I will contact you privately once things are set up.

One thing I want to make sure of before including it is the
copyright/license.  The old MOSMLGL stuff copyright was held by you
and the license was "Free for all to use and modify as they wish".
Those are both fine with us, I just want to make sure it is still the

> This has the dual advantages that it will be integrated into your
> system from the start so that you can release it as part of your
> package ASAP and also test it on Linux etc, and also that once the
> interface has reached a reasonable level of functionality I can
> safely palm it off onto your excellent selves without any further
> ado.

Makes sense.  But hopefully we can keep you around for help.  Also, if
you can include some regression tests that will help.