[MLton] Re: MLton experimental release

Mike Thomas mthomas@gil.com.au
Sun, 11 Jan 2004 09:40:05 +1000

Hi Stephen.

Thanks for that.  

It needs an upgrade to the Cygwin dll so I'll try and get that done 
today here at home.  (I did the upgrade at work last week but the 
upgrade in turn required a reboot and I had stuff running that made a 
reboot undesirable for a few more days yet.)


Mike Thomas.

Stephen Weeks wrote:

>Hi Mike.  Well, it took quite a bit longer than expected, but there is
>finally an experimental release of Cygwin with support for 32 bit
>floats.  Please grab it at 
>	http://www.mlton.org/experimental/
>Hopefully there can now be some progress on the OpenGL stuff!