[MLton] Re: mGTK for MLton

Ken Friis Larsen ken@friislarsen.net
11 Jan 2004 12:53:15 +0000

Hi Stephen,

> > Our current plan in to release mGTK version 0.9 around December 16,
> > 2003.  This will be the first official release featuring both Moscow
> > ML and MLton bindings.  
> It looks like the MLton experimental release made it out before the
> mGTK release.

Yes, once more our release schedule slipped, and got cought up in the
holidays.  This time, however, it has been the Moscow ML part that has
stalled the release.

> I'd appreciate if you'd try out your latest mGTK with MLton 20040106
> and let us know of any problems.  Thanks.

Only a few trivial changes was needed (such as changing MLton.pointer
to MLton.Pointer.t) otherwise it works perfect.

I think that we'll be able to make a release in the begining of
February. (And just to make things clear, we don't expect in any way
that you try to synchronise you release shedule with ours.)



PS: If some of you are coming to Venice for SPACE/PLAN-X/POPL, then let
    us meet up for drinks.