[MLton] RE: [MLton-user] beta testers wanted

Mike Thomas mike.thomas@brisbane.paradigmgeo.com
Mon, 12 Jan 2004 16:21:04 +1000

Hi Stephen and other MLton people,

I replied to Stephen's email of last week over the weekend from home but it
doesn't seem to have gone through to the mailing list.

The new MLton is a vast improvement and I'm finding it much easier to use. I
recommenced adding functions to the OpenGL binding on the weekend.  The
Real32 structure does just what I wanted too, thanks.

I'm concerned about source code safety so if you have some CVS space I would
be pleased to be able to check the project in there (I am set up to do SSH
CVS access).  This has the dual advantages that it will be integrated into
your system from the start so that you can release it as part of your
package ASAP and also test it on Linux etc, and also that once the interface
has reached a reasonable level of functionality I can safely palm it off
onto your excellent selves without any further ado.


Mike Thomas.