[MLton] MLton.Random documentation

Stephen Weeks MLton@mlton.org
Tue, 20 Jan 2004 23:16:11 -0800

> I got the shirt thanks Stephen - fits well and has been to work once
> already!

Excellent.  We await a picture (you can send it to me privately).

> After looking in the compiler library source I found MLton.random.real()
> [0.0, 1.0], but it doesn't seem to be known to the compiler:

I thinking you're looking at the (totally undocumented) libraries used
within the compiler, not the MLton structure exported by the compiler.
To see that code, look in basis-library/mlton/random.sml.  There is no

> Apparently the Mersenne twister RNG is fast, numerically attractive and
> should be compatible with your licence.

Indeed.  I believe Henry implemented Mersenne in MLton/SML once.
Henry, do you still have the code?