[MLton] gcc choking on self-compile

Matthew Fluet fluet@cs.cornell.edu
Fri, 9 Jul 2004 10:07:06 -0400 (EDT)

sweeks      04/07/08 17:32:25

  Modified:    mlton/defunctorize defunctorize.fun
  I have been unable to recreate the problem with self-compiling that I
  thought may have been due to the previous checkin.  So, I'm undoing
  the previous undo.  I suspect the problem was unrelated to
  defunctorize and was just that my machine was in a state of low memory

sweeks      04/07/08 11:16:01

  Modified:    mlton/defunctorize defunctorize.fun
  Back out optimization to build lists from left to right.  For some
  reason, it's causing problems with a self compile.  The C compiler is

Can you describe anything more about the issue you saw?  I suspect I ran
into something similar.  I was encountering a problem where I was doing a
make all-no-docs on clean sources (i.e., where there would be two rounds
of compiling mlton-compile) where the first compile of mlton-compile would
succeed, but the second compile of mlton-compile would get all the way
through generating assembly, but then would error with gcc failure of
insufficient memory.  I attributed the problem to having upgraded from
Mandrake 9.1 to Mandrake 10.0 (entailing a kernel 2.4 to kernel 2.6
change), since it started immediately after that upgrade.  I noticed that
it consistently happened when I used my remote-mlton scripts (although
they were always directed to localhost), but I've not seen it happen if I
just ran make all-no-docs directly from my shell.