[MLton] Regressions (Mostly) Successful under Mingwin

Brent Fulgham bfulg@pacbell.net
Fri, 9 Jul 2004 16:54:22 -0700 (PDT)

I've got working regression tests (that execute under
plain-vanilla Windows).  Of course, they do fail in a
few places.  Maybe Stephen or others can comment on
where to look for the problem:

1.  Line endings:

A lot of tests fail because the plain Win32 line
endings differ from the "ok" tests in CVS.  I'm going
to ignore these as issues for the time being.

2.  File path differences:

testing cmdline
< This program is invoked as `./cmdline'

> This program is invoked as

I think this is correct for a Win32 answer.

So, tests 1 -> datatype-with-free-tyvars work (aside
from line endings).

3.  date test fails:

< test4    	OK

> test4    	WRONG

I'm not sure where the text->date/time conversion is
taking place.  Is this parsed in an SML module

4.  Most socket stuff seems not to work:
testing echo
< server processed 1900 bytes

> unhandled exception: Error

> Nonzero exit status.

5.  A few filesystem tests fail:
< test1b    	OK
< test2    	OK
< test3a    	OK
> test1b    	WRONG
> test2    	EXN
> test3a    	WRONG

5.  Signal-related stuff fails (signals test).

6.  Suspend fails (Nonzero exit status).

7.  textio.2 fails (Unhandled Exception: Subscript).

8.  timeout never times out (I kill it manually).

9.  world1, world2, world3, world4 fail with several
"Function not implemented [nosys]" errors.
(I am the clone, 30, caught foo, between saves)

10.  world5 fails with a Subscript exception.

11.  world6 fails with "No such file or directory".

Otherwise, everything works.